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Dr. Malik Muhammad


About Dr. Malik Muhammad

Dr. Malik Muhammad is an experienced clinical director and psychologist who has dedicated himself to the field of mental health for the past 20 years. He considers this field incredibly vital to humanity, and he has made it his duty to assist those in need whenever possible. 

His passion for improving the system stems largely from his own experiences. Malik discovered a disparity between troubled youth and adults in need of assistance and the care professionals assigned to their cases. While working in group homes and inner-city organizations, he saw these issues manifesting as linguistic barriers and cultural barriers. Both of which impeded peoples’ ability to receive the help they needed. He realized that a significant number of minorities’ mental health journeys are harmed by the absence of diversity in administration, especially with so many varied cultural backgrounds.

This instilled in him the desire to improve his talents and further his studies and was the main catalyst for Dr. Malik Muhammad to pursue a graduate degree in psychology at Palo Alto University.

Malik has worked hard to earn his degrees, from his BA in Psychology from United States International University, to his Master of Science degree in Clinical Psychology from Pacific Graduate School of Psychology, all the way to a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Palo Alto University. Once graduated, he then went on to work as a Medical Psychologist, specializing in pain treatment, medical and behavioral weight reduction strategies, and neurological evaluation of patients with brain tumors.

He launched Elite Biobehavioral to deliver his unique, holistic treatment approach to better health. His methods involve treating the whole person, rather than one small issue, with a focus on validation and compassion. Throughout his career, he studied a variety of therapy approaches that formed his client-centered therapy approach, and he specializes in individual and relationship therapy. Clients are advised and handled with sensitivity to their cultural backgrounds, resulting in improved outcomes.

Dr. Muhammad believes that everyone should have access to culturally competent counseling treatments. He advocates for mental health on all fronts, with a special emphasis on minorities. Mental health, in Dr. Muhammad’s perspective, is not something to be ashamed of or criticized for, but rather an important component of everyone’s life that should be appreciated.

I Dreamt of Being Me is an organization very close to his heart. This non-profit in Durham, North Carolina was created to improve both the mental and physical health of low-income communities of color.

Dr. Muhammad is a published author in addition to his purposeful work. My Silent Loud, his book, was created to reach out to all black males seeking a means to be heard in life. Dr. Muhammad has been very successful when reaching out to honor young black men by reflecting on his own history and the pasts of other black boys. For more information, follow Dr. Malik Muhammad’s other website,!

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