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Mental health has a huge impact on overall health and quality of life for people. When people can connect with others in a community of like-minded individuals, it has a positive impact on their mental health for numerous reasons.

How Does Community Support Improve Mental Health?

Human beings don’t do well in isolation. We are all hardwired to connect and interact with others socially. Finding a community can help people experiencing mental illness to feel better. Benefits of community support include:


When you find somewhere you feel at home, it gives peace of mind automatically. Belonging is one of the most fundamental human needs that we have. Belonging allows people to be authentically themselves and feel accepted by their peers for who they truly are.


Life has ups and downs. When you feel you have no one to stand by you, it can be lonely and miserable. Being part of a community offers you built-in support when it is needed. Feeling protected and safe allows you to face life’s challenges with bravery, knowing you have a soft place to land.


Community helps people find their place to shine. You can use your aptitudes and passions to serve others, and they will do the same for you. Everyone contributes and feels needed and wanted.

Finding Community

Finding a community takes self-awareness. You need to know who you are and what motivates you. You might find community through:


Things you are passionate about can lead you to a community. You can find clubs for almost any interest. You can find others who want to have a good time learning and exploring the same things.


Do you feel drawn to charity work or volunteerism? Do you want to help by doing a donation drive for the local animal shelter? As you attempt to make a positive impact on the world, you can find others to join you.


If you’re spiritually inclined, you may want to try a new church or worship center. If you’re more secular, perhaps you can attend political rallies. Whatever your beliefs are, you are not alone in them.